A skillful shop steward is the guardian of fair working life              

The shop steward is vested with great responsibility. Educating oneself and developing one’s skills is the prerequisite for successful representation of employees. The basic training consists of a basic course and a continuation course.

  • The basic course for shop stewards gives you a kick-start for your role.
  • In the two-week continuation course, you will expand your knowledge, develop your skills and learn the best practices of representation.
  • The salary technique course improves your abilities to monitor and develop the functioning of salary systems, and to participate in job evaluation.
  • Shop stewards have many different roles and a vast field of activity. Murikka Institute offers a large selection of complementary courses that help you build your knowledge according to your individual needs.
  • You are also entitled to employer-supported long-term training (1 month and 3 month courses) offered by the Institute, in order to develop your expertise. 

Shop stewards are entitled to paid training                        

According to the Collective Agreement, the shop steward and their deputy are entitled to training required for the successful fulfillment of their role. “A regular appraisal – during the first two months of the term of office of a shop steward and annually thereafter – of the assigned objectives and effectiveness of the workplace bargaining system should be conducted at the workplace. - - The need, timetable and aims of training for the duties of a shop steward shall also be planned at this time. (Collective Agreement, section 43.4)

Training to promote workplace co-operation and local collective bargaining shall be arranged by the employer and employee partners jointly (Collective Agreement, chapter 47, Training). The representatives entitled to financial compensation include the chief shop steward, deputy chief shop steward, shop steward, and - with certain preconditions - a staff group representative. The employer shall pay compensation for lost earnings in accordance with average hourly earnings, as well as the meal allowance agreed by the labour market negotiation parties to the Institute. Find out more about the employer compensation and its conditions!

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