Student-oriented education

  • We are doing our best to accommodate to the individual needs of adult students 
  • Engaging methods support your growth towards becoming a participative individual 
  • Everyone has the right to start learning from their own personal starting level
  • Sharing experiences and learning from others is a key element in adult education
  • In addition to knowledge and skills, a healthy self-esteem and willingness to learn are essential elements. We support those elements, which will get you far!

Murikka Institute offers mainly short courses. The courses usually last for three days, a week, or two weeks. We also organize weekend seminars with different themes. Murikka offers two longer courses biannually: Participant arenas (1 month) and Resources for change (3 months). 

Murikka is a versatile learning environment

The campus is compact: you will find everything under the same roof. Your feet will stay dry between classrooms, the restaurant, library and bedrooms. You will only need to step outside when going to the sports hall or to the sauna by the lake.

The spectacular location of the institute by Lake Näsijärvi enables us to leave the classrooms and have classes out in the open. We enjoy creating versatile learning environments for experience-based learning filled with joy.

The institute is currently undergoing renovation. When ready, the students will get to enjoy yet new experiences, for example the sports hall spa area.