Murikka Institute’s aim is to enhance the abilities of workers in the labor market. Many of our courses are aimed at employees serving trade unions or different organizations and associations, but we organize courses for all trade union members. In addition, we offer training to companies and other interest groups on various fields of working life

  • Our training program for shop stewards and health and safety representatives includes basic and continuation courses, completed with several supplementary courses. By volume, this is the most extensive program we offer. Advanced courses offer participants an opportunity to further develop the skills they need as representatives, according to a personal learning plan.
  • Our training program also includes a wide range of courses in general working life skills: communicational skills (writing and speaking skills, negotiation and interaction, human relations in the workplace), organizational skills, languages, information technology and national economy. The courses in this section are useful to everyone.
  • Murikka Institute organizes themed seminars, short courses on current affairs, as well as short courses tailored to the individual needs of different target groups. The content of the courses is planned together with the customer. We also organize professional skills development training on order and tailored to individuals or businesses.
  • We support independent learning by producing and sharing supportive study material.
  • Murikka Institute is an expert in working life affairs. Read more about our course offering!