Advanced employee representative courses                      

Being an employee representative is a demanding task. It requires knowledge and skill, but also personal resources and a vast contact network. The long-term trustee study program at Murikka Institute supports developing these resources.

Murikka Institute organizes a biannual, month-long course called “Participant arenas”. Alternating with the course, there is another biannual, three-month course called “Resources for change”.  During long courses, participants can acquire skills that take time to develop, learn how to analyze their working environment and solve problems independently, obtain information efficiently, utilize investigative learning methods, as well as other skills that facilitate overseeing employees’ interests. The byproduct of these new skills is a boost in confidence. In long-term training for representatives, the participants plan an individual learning path that suits their needs.

Employee representatives can take further advanced courses in the International collaboration study program, or take the Practice and training course for organizers