Employee skills and Association memberships                                    

Working life requires various skills. Besides professional expertise, employees are expected to have good team work skills, as well as social interaction and negotiation skills. Sometimes it is necessary to produce written material. Information technology is slowly infiltrating all aspects of life, so digital skills are increasingly important.

An active citizen also needs different skills in other areas of life besides work. Participation in different associations, organizations, meetings and training courses requires various skills. Whether you are a board member of your local trade union branch, city council, parents association or housing cooperative, you should master the official meeting procedure.

Civil society is based on people’s desire and motivation to participate actively in it. This desire cannot be forced. Instead, skills and capabilities provide a good basis for participation.

Murikka Institute has on extensive offering of courses that help you advance your skills in working life as well as in different associations and organizations. These courses are available to all working members of the union. Take a look at our course offering and see how you can develop your skills with us!